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WORLD EXCLUSIVE : Oscar Pistorious - His first TV Interview

Twitter paedophile suspect arrested after Sunday Mirror investigation reveals grooming on social network LINK

British paedophile enjoys holiday in child abuse hotspot because of legal loophole LINK

Why I believe Oscar Pistorius is no murderer and Reeva's death was a tragic accident LINK

Oscar Pistorius a 'broken man' as he awaits trial verdict says journalist granted unique access to athlete. LINK

Radio Times: Jimmy Savile "engineered" TV formats to gain access to children says Exposure presenter LINK —

Jimmy Savile Exposure Update: "Fame cannot shield sex abusers from justice” LINK —-

Tonight- Living with a killer - murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp —— LINK

Ian Watkins: Police investigating TWO MORE women who offered babies to paedophile rocker —— LINK

TV investigation leads to arrest of child traffickers supplying children to British paedophiles LINK —

Exposed: Devious Brit pervs who fly to poverty stricken Cambodia to prey on kids. LINK

British Twitter user behind vile child abuse material trade exposed by the Sunday Mirror LINK

Tackling criminals: Fugitive dramatically wrestled to ground by presenter in new TV documentary LINK —-

Exposure : The Other side of Jimmy Savile - tv review LINK

ITV Page on the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp LINK —

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Review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

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Murder in the ‘Alps’ - family gunned down by assassin
Sunday Times: News Review : How was Jimmy Savile finally exposed?

The abolition of the Death Penalty

Joanna Yates Murder
The Vanessa George case- the hidden face of female depravity
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Is Twitter an Unpoliced playground for paedos?
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